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Add on Services

Customize Your Cleaning Experience

Our add-on cleaning services provide you with the flexibility to tailor your cleaning experience to your unique needs. 

Add-ons Services

 Choose from a range of options, including

  • Carpet Washing – $120.00
    Deep clean your carpets for a fresher look and feel .
  • Cleaning Inside the Fridge – $65.00
    Keep your fridge clean and odor-free with our interior cleaning.
  • Cleaning Inside the Oven – $65.00
    Say goodbye to oven grime with our thorough interior cleaning.
  • Cleaning Interior Windows – $150.00
    Enjoy sparkling clean windows from the inside.
  • Cleaning Inside the Microwave – $20.00
    Keep your microwave spotless and ready for use.
  • Cleaning Mattresses – $100.00
    Enhance your sleep environment with a fresh and clean mattress.
  • Addressing Pet Hair- $35.00
    We’ll tackle pet hair, ensuring a hair-free space.
  • Patio Furniture Cleaning – $60.00
    Get your outdoor space ready for relaxation with our patio furniture cleaning.
  • Detailing Blinds – $80.00
    Clean and refresh your blinds for a brighter space.
  • Detailing Baseboards – $80.00
    Restore the beauty of your baseboards with our detailed cleaning.
  • Using Eco-Friendly Products – $40.00
    Opt for eco-conscious cleaning products to minimize environmental impact.

These add-on services allow you to create a cleaning package that suits your specific requirements, maintaining a cleaner and healthier living or working environment, with prices ranging from $20.00 to $150.00, depending on the service chosen. Additional fees may apply based on your specific requirements.

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